Công Ty Cổ Phần Vật Tư Thiết Bị Văn Hóa (CEMCO)

Tăng âm công suất 2x300 + 1x600W VS-1203 STK

Tăng âm công suất 2x300 + 1x600W VS-1203 STK
  • : VS-1203 STK
  • : Tăng âm công suất
  • : STK/Korea
  • : Sẵn hàng
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Thông số Tăng âm công suất VS-1203 STK

  • 300W+300W for satellites and 600W for subwoofer, 0.05% THD 20Hz~40kHz
  • Two Way 18dB/Octave Active Crossover on Board.
  • Perfect controlled for no clipping output from STK CTLL circuit module.
  • Ultra Low Impedance capability.
  • High Frquency Power Supply.
  • Logical LED meters are present for power In/Output level.
  • Lowest AC Current Draw.
  • Flip-Flop Controlled Full Prodection Circuitry.
  • 1.2mm Steel Chassis Construction, 2U Space
Model VS-1203
Triple Mode (Three channel driven) Continuous Average Output Per Channel
FTC @ THD+N=0.1%, f=20Hz~20kHz Ch1 Ch2 Ch3  
8 ohm/Triple 200W 200W 370W  
4 ohm/Triple 300W 300W 600W  
EIA @ THD+1=1%, f=1kHz        
8 ohm/Triple 210W 210W 390W  
4 ohm/Triple 330W 330W 650W  
Power Bandwidth
(Ref. 1kHz, THD+N=0.1%,+0/-1dB)
Ch 1&2;20Hz~30kHz, Ch3:20Hz~125Hz
(Ref. 1kHz,f=20Hz~20kHz)
Frequency Response
(Ref. 1kHz, 1watt output, +0/-3dB)
Ch 1&2;20Hz~40kHz ,Ch3:20Hz~150Hz
(60Hz:7kHz, 4:1 Half power)
4-8 ohm/Stereo ≤0.1%
(RL=8Ω, Half power, Att.Max 600Ω shunt)
≥63dB, 1 kHz
Residual Noise
(20Hz~22kHz LPF,Att.min)
S/N Ratio
(Filter:A-Weighting, RMS)
Damping Factor
(RL=8Ω, f=1kHz)
≥300 ≥300 ≥350  
Input Sensitivity (Att. max)  
4 ohm/Stereo +4.0 dBu and Ch 3 by Gain Control
8 ohm/Bridge +5.1 dBu and Ch 3 by Gain Control
Crossover Frequency 150Hz/18db Octave
Voltage Gain 29dB 29dB 34dB  
Output Circuitry AB
Input Impedance 10kΩ(balance)
Front panel AC Switch,Ch1,2 Sub(Ch3) gain Control knobs
Rear panel HPF Ch1&2, HPF Sub(Ch3),
Clip limiter(Option)
Input XLR Female jack, XLR Male jack (Input Through)
Output Speakon jack
Indicators Power(Green),Level(Green),Protect(Red)
Bar Graph In/Out level
Protection Circuits 1)Short Circuits
2)Current Limit
3)DC detection
5)Turn On/Off muting
6)Power supply shutdown
7)AC Line fuse
Fan Circuit Three Fans Variable Low Speed(50℃),
High speed(60℃)
Power Consumption
(1/3 power)
DIMENSION 480mm X 88mm X 460mm
Weight 11.12kg