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Loa toàn dải 400W SP-122H

Loa toàn dải SP-122H STK
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Loa toàn dải  SP-122H STK

The SP122H is Powerful of producing SPL in excess of 131dB at 1meter,full-range two -way with 12" SK12400 transducers vented, It is will deliver full-band width reproduction without damage sonic quality. Designed for variety of professional applications, cinema, discos and live concerts sound system. The 2inch SK60D high frequency driver with 90 X 40 degrees horn for precise clear highs with a very natural overall voicing.

  • 2-Way passive full-range system.
  • The 2 inch "SK60D exit compression drivers on a "SABS2 H" horn.
  • An internal passive crossover network Frequency is 1.5kHz 12dB / octave.
  • The STK "circuit pro " protects the high- frequency driver from accidental overload.
  • 18 degrees trapezold Angle of enclouser for wide angle array.
  • Included flying hardwares.
  • The enclosure construction : By STK "STANDARD"
  • Ultra tough, the scratch proof warnex texture coated.
  • 35mm pole mount receptacle on the bottom.
  • STK pole and speaker stand option.




Model SP-122H
System configuration 2-Way Full Range
LF system & Loading One SK 12400 12" woofer, Vented
HF system & Loading One 2 "Voice coil compression driver(SK60D)
Operating Mode Passive
Enclosure Material Plywood with MDF
Enclosure Finish Black warnex texture coated
Connectors Two neutrick speakon
Grille Powder coated perforated steel
Optional accessories Eye Bolt "SEB 08"
( ±0.13 inch / ±3 mm)
Height: 640
Front width: 409
Rear width: 263
Depth: 480
Monitor Trapezoid angle(degrees) 18
Shipping/CBM 0.1569 cbm
Net weight 28.6 kg
Shipping weight 30.5 kg
Frequency Response  
±3 dB 61Hz ~ 19kHz
-10 dB 53Hz ~ 20kHz
Recommended 53Hz
High-Pass Frequency  
Axial Sensitivity(dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1m) Full Range Passive 102
Nominal Input Impedance(ohms) Full Range Passive: 8
LF: 8
HF: 8
Power Handling, Watts  
(Continuous/Program/Peak) Full Range Passive: 400/800/1200
(Continuous) LF: 400
(Continuous) HF: 60
Max Calculated SPL (Referenced to 1 m)  
Full Range Passive Peak 134
Full Range Long Term 128
Norminal disperson(degrees @ -6dB)  
Horizontal 90
Vertical 40