Công Ty Cổ Phần Vật Tư Thiết Bị Văn Hóa (CEMCO)

Khối thu JTS IN64R

Khối thu JTS IN64R
  • : JTS IN64R
  • : Micro không dây JTS
  • : JTS/Taiwan
  • : Sẵn hàng
  • : Gọi để biết giá

REMOSET(patent pending): uses a RF signal to send frequency change settings from the IN SERIES receiver to the IN64TH (IN64TB) transmitter in a fraction of a second.

64 UHF channels arranged in 4 preset groups.

300 Ft. (100 meter) operation distance.

LCD Displays: RF Level, Audio Level, Low Battery Indicator, Antenna Status, Channel Selection.

Option: The IN64THSM Handheld Transmitter could feature JTS’s New SAM-8W mic capsule for high gain before feedback and super low handling noise.