Công Ty Cổ Phần Vật Tư Thiết Bị Văn Hóa (CEMCO)

Bàn Mixer VX-2043 FDR STK

Bàn Mixer VX-2043 FDR STK
  • : VX-2043 FDR STK
  • : Bàn mixer
  • : STK/Korea
  • : Sẵn hàng
  • : Gọi để biết giá
  • 20 input CH configurations,4 Aux sends per channel with 18 outputs
  • Mic preamps 130dB dynamic range 22dBu input handling capacity,0.005% THD SIG & Peak indicators on the each input channels
  • The Graphic EQs are precise frequency control, low noise, no clipping design 2 select USB SEND rounting with play back to CH19, CH20
  • The level tolerance are “STK Standard” value The faders precision log-taper type, made by Panasonic
  • The CH Pan pots are constant loudness control, also made by Panasonic Ultra-realistic sound with 20kHz response 99
  • FDR program digital effect Ultra low noise circuit board design by “STK STANDARD"