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Bàn Mixer 14 đường VX-1443 FDR STK

Bàn Mixer 14 đường VX-1443 FDR STK
  • : VX-1443 FDR STK
  • : Bàn mixer
  • : STK/Korea
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The VX1443-FDR is top mixer choice of audio professionals in any application where sound quality, easy level control for recording and live. The USB device provides all MIX down signal outputs to your digital recording in a live situation, or connecting to a DAW in a home studio. And have a same class features of the VX2043FDR mixer. Available for desktop use and Rack mount acceptable 8 1/2 space.

  • 14 input CH configurations,4 Aux sends per channel with 26 outputs
  • MIC preamps 130dB dynamic range,22dBu input handlig capacity,0.005%THD
  • Sig & Peak indicators on the each input channels
  • Greatly recording purpose the 8 direct outputs of each mic channels
  • 2 select USB SEND routing with play back to CH13, CH14
  • The level tolerance are “STK STANDARD” value
  • The faders precision log-taper type, made by Panasonic
  • The CH pan pots constant loudness control, also made by Panasonic
  • The precise G.EQs low noise, no cliping design
  • Ultra-Realistic sound with 20kHz response 99 FDR program digital effect
  • Ultra low noise circuit board design, “STK STANDARD”